Permit, Install, & Freight

  • Obtaining necessary permits is the responsibility of the property owner. 
  • Most accessory structures do not require a building permit if the structure is under 200 square feet.  If foundation, electrical or plumbing are required, specific license installers may need to install and pull permits.   
  • If a permit is required, myBackyardStudio can provide drawings for a fee 
  • When determining location of an accessory structure, please confirm placement of lot lines and height restrictions by the city guidelines.  Your local building office can support with these details. 
    • Site prep is to be handled by the customer and completed prior to the Installation team arriving onsite.  
    • myBackyardStudio offers 2 different options for installation services.  We’d be happy to ship myBackyardStudio direct to you if you or you know someone that likes a do it yourself project or you can choose to have installation handled by us.  Should you choose to have installation handled by us, we will have one of our nationwide partners handle the installation of your myBackyardStudio.  Installation will include a site inspection, unloading of the truck and assembling of myBackyardStudio.  Ground prep will be handled by you unless you choose the Foundation option. 
  • myBackyardStudio will reach out prior to shipping to schedule and confirm delivery.  Your order will not be shipped until confirmation is received that ground prep work is completed.   
  • Some delivery requirements may require an additional fee from the carrier. 
  • Rates are for normal freight deliveries.  Special delivery fees may apply based on delivery location